NASPAA Public Service Indicators Pilot

NASPAA's Areas of Emphasis

NASPAA's Executive Council in their (October 2017) meeting, determined they would like to see our field make a commitment in the areas of: Civic Engagement, Inclusion, Globalization, and Sustainability. To further the Council's vision NASPAA has embarked on a number of initiatives.

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Civic Engagement Intitiative


NASPAA believes our students should be leaders in civic engagement and have their voices heard in the public policy process. Join us in encouraging public service students across the country to register and vote in the upcoming elections by hosting a National Voter Registration Day event on your campus!


Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 16, and other Sustainability Efforts

NASPAA believes our member schools can and should be leaders in the discussion of the UN SDG's, particularly SDG 16.  As the Global Standard for Public Affairs Education our member schools are the producers of the next wave of public servants and leaders.  The people on the front lines who will be facing the challenges of implementing and achieving these laudable goals.

PhD Pathways Logo Circle

PhD Pathways Initiative

Resources for Public Affairs Doctoral Candidates and Recent Graduates

NASPAA seeks to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in public affairs doctoral programs. 

Data Science Curriculum for Public Service

NASPAA is delighted to announce the winners of the competition to write White Papers on a Data Science Curriculum for Public Service.

NASPAA Turns 50!

NASPAA Turns 50 this year and it's time to celebrate!