PhD Pathways Initiative

NASPAA seeks to increase the number of Under-Represented Minorities with PhD's in the Public Affairs field; and to provide information and resources to potential doctoral candidates of all backgrounds to assist them in navigating the doctoral education process. 

Analyzing the Issue

NASPAA seeks too improve the resources and information available to potential PhD public affairs candidates. In order to create these resources, NASPAA needs to understand the current state of the field; what is working, what is not, what resources are needed to fill any gaps? NASPAA have developed the following two surveys to better understand the current state of doctoral education in our field and in our programs.

Passion Led us Here

Doctoral Program Survey

Academic Year 2019-2020

Does your program offer a PhD in public policy, administration, affairs, or similar field?  NASPAA requests you complete the following survey online to assist us in understanding the current state of Doctoral Education. 



Globe and Grass

Current PhD or Recent PhD Graduate Survey

We need to hear from PhD Students too!

Hearing from NASPAA Doctoral Programs will only provide us with one perspective.  We want to here from current and recent graduates about your experiences too!  Help inform the types of programs, resources, information that NASPAA will spend its time developing for current and future doctoral students.  Make sure we focus on what will help you and students like you the most!

PhD Student Survey (Reference pdf) 

Survey Results

Interested in Future information

Interested in a becoming a PhD?  Want to get information from NASPAA about PhD programs and any resources developed as part of the Pathways Initiative?  Let us know and we'll add you to our PhD Pathways Listserv.