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Nonprofit graduate education: Who gets the degree and why?

Amanda Stewart
Kerry Kuenzi
Marlene Walk
Journal of Public Affairs Education
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An analysis of gender differences in public administration doctoral dissertation research

Jung Ah (Claire) Yun
Lindsey M. McDougle
Madinah F. Hamidullah
Journal of Public Affairs Education
JPAE- Guest Editorial Curriculum

Financial condition analysis: A key tool in the MPA curriculum

Carol Ebdon
Craig S. Maher
John R. Bartle
Journal of Public Affairs Education

Journal of Public Affairs Education

The Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE) is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning in public affairs, which includes the fields of public policy analysis, public administration, and public management.  Hosted by the Department of Public Administration at NC State University and the Department of Political Science at Augusta University, the quarterly journal features peer-reviewed scholarly articles on pedagogical, curricular, and accreditation issues pertaining to public affairs education, commentaries, symposia, and book reviews.  

JPAE is the official journal of the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA).  The journal is dedicated to advancing the scholarship of public administration education.  Public affairs is a field of practice, and as practitioners and scholars, we need to engage continually in discussions that seek to strengthen instruction.  JPAE fulfills a vital role in our field by serving as the top research journal for this dialogue on pedagogy.  Thus, the mission of the journal is to be a forum for scholarly discussions on teaching the public affairs programs. The journal welcomes manuscripts that report research on pedagogy in public affairs programs; the administration of public affairs programs; issues facing instructors in the classroom; trends in the field of public administration; case studies that illustrate public administration principles in practice; and other vital topics.



Bruce D. McDonald, III - North Carolina State University 

William Hatcher - Augusta University

International and Engagement Editor:

Kendra Stewart - College of Charleston

Case Studies Editor: 

Stephen Kleinschmit - University of Illinois- Chicago

Book Review Editor: 

Jessica Terman - George Mason University 

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Alicia Schatteman - Northern Illinois University

Assistant Editor: 

Winn Decker - North Carolina State University

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