Standards and Guidance

Together, the 7 NASPAA Standards form the quality benchmark used by graduate public service programs around the world.

Have questions about the NASPAA Standards or how to complete your Self-Study Report? This section of the website is entirely devoted to supporting your understanding of the NASPAA Standards and accreditation, and how to engage in the formative nature of the process.

Official Standards and Policies: the guiding documents of NASPAA Accreditation and the Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation, including COPRA Policy Statements

Standard by Standard Guidance: individual resources for programs completing Self-Study Reports for each of the seven NASPAA Standards, as well as diversity across the standards

Strategic Planning and Assessment: a guide to approaching the overall strategic program evaluation aspects of NASPAA Accreditation

Strategic Planning and Diversity: resources aimed at helping programs brainstorm ways to promote a climate of inclusiveness

Peer Examples: a collection of peer examples from programs in recent accreditation cohorts

Roster of Accredited Programs: the Roster of Accredited Programs, updated annually

Data on Accredited Programs: the Annual Accreditation Data Report, as well as publicly available data on each accredited program

Papers & Presentations: a collection of helpful background materials, prepared by COPRA, NASPAA Committees, and your peers