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Case Study Workshop 3

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Learn how to Teach With Case Studies and Make Your Own

Using cases as a learning tool is an amazing way to get your students engaged in the practical applications of their studies.  If they have ever wondered how to take what they have learned to use outside the classroom, this is your answer! 

Sim Training Workshop

Simulation Training Videos

Learn About Using Simulations in the Classroom

Thanks to our incredible presenters at the 2019 NASPAA Conference in LA, we have some amazing modules on how you can introduce simulations to your class.

NASPAA Case Writing Competition

$2000 grant to the winner!

Scholarly Articles Discussing Cases and Simulations

Journal Article Teaching and Learning

Teaching public financial management: An integrated approach to a critical subject

Michael Thom
Teaching Public Administration
Journal Article Teaching and Learning

Measuring the practice of engagement in public administration

Jerrell D. Coggburn
Johanna Phelps-Hillen
Stephen R. Neeley
Teaching Public Administration
Journal Article Case Study

Leadership in a crisis

Chrystal Alexander
Erin Morse
Evelyn Gardner
Kevin Kearns
Lydia McShane
Marina Duane
Journal of Public Affairs Education

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