NASPAA Logo Guidelines

  • This logo is for official use only and is to be used to represent NASPAA membership. The NASPAA logos may not be used to promote or imply any endorsement of non-NASPAA related initiatives or implication of NASPAA accreditation.
  • When using the logo on your website, we prefer the logo be displayed prominently on your site's landing page. For instances when this is not possible, an alternative page of your site is also acceptable.
  • The NASPAA Triangle logo, should always include "The Global Standard in Public Service Education" 
  • The only exception when the NASPAA Triangle logo can be used without the phrase  "The Global Standard in Public Service Education" is when the logo appears too small, thus making the phrase illegible.
  • There should be at least 1-inch of clearance space from any other logos or graphic treatment when incorporating thelogo on any designs. 
  • The logo can appear in the following colors: White, Black and Blue. Note: The current blue has the following RGB and CMYK values: (CMYK: 100%, 89%, 33%, 24 %) (R=30, G=50, B=97) (HEX: 1e3261)

You can download our logos at

If there are any specific considerations, please contact us and we will discuss on a case by case basis.