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NASPAA-Batten Student Simulation Competition

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This yeat's ompeititon will be held in an all virtual format. Topic is Pandemic 2.0, is rather timely, presenting the opportunity to control the outbreak. It is a sequel to the 2018 simulation, in which students had to decide which policies to implement in order to stop the pandemic. The simulation is built by the University of Virginia Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming. Learn more


#NASPAA2020 Virtual Conference Wrap-up


#NASPAA2020 have been an entirely new online experience where you are able to share, learn, connect, and showcase in a safe and sustainable way. This year’s theme is “Building the New Civic Square.”  There are important issues, ideas, and research to discuss. Registrants can access all the content on the conference platform, Pathable, through March of 2021 – 6 months of engagement!  Learn more about #NASPAA2020


January 8, 2021

Statement from the NASPAA Executive Committee Regarding the US Capitol Incursion:

NASPAA’s 328 member Schools of public administration and policy prepare their graduates to lead and maintain public services for the people. In the United States, public services are governed by the American Constitution and the rule of law. When the President of these United States undercuts the foundation of democratic society and incites insurrection against the Congress and the United States Capitol, home to our most foundational deliberative processes, it strikes at the heart of our democracy.  These actions threaten every public servant’s ability to do their job and serve the people. NASPAA condemns President Donald J. Trump's actions, condemns the actions of the insurrectionist mobs who acted at his behest, and commits in 2021 to the work of re-instilling a commitment to public service and pursuit of the common good. The public affairs schools of the United States, grounded as they are in a shared commitment to the US Constitution and democratic governance, are ready for the challenge.


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