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The NASPAA Data Committee, at the request of the Executive Council, has developed a NASPAA Badging recognition program to identify member programs that demonstrate exemplary commitment in four possible areas. 

  • Civic Engagement
  • Inclusion
  • Sustainability
  • and Globalization.

This process, including eligibility requirements, program self-evaluation, and publication of information on the program's website, ensures a commitment to continuous improvement and transparency. Only NASPAA accredited programs are eligible for badging.

NASPAA Badging requirements were built on the principles of public service education: training the next generation of students pursuing the public interest ethically and effectively. The areas of recognition were built using the blueprints set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 16, which advocates for strong institutions that are accountable and transparent.  Our programs have a demonstrable impact on professional public service and public policy. NASPAA Badging seeks to recognize these efforts.

Be sure to check out each school's Flip Book to see how they are exemplifying the areas they are badged in!

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