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  1. INPAE Conference 2023
    Apr 28
    Accreditation Team

    Earlier this month, NASPAA had the honor of participating in the Interamerican Network of Public Administration Education (INPAE) Annual Conference in Bogotá, Colombia . The NASPAA panel titled

  2. 2019 UIBE Conference
    Nov 26
    Martha Bohrt

    Dr. Laura Bloomberg, NASPAA Vice President and President-elect, attended the 2019 UIBE International Conference on MPA Programs, which took place in Beijing on November 23 & 24. The conference

  3. 2019 San Juan Conference on Emergency Management
    Jul 03
    Emily Stone

    There is no use dwelling on what cannot be controlled, so NASPAA’s 2019 Emergency Management Education Conference was about preparing for the things that can be controlled. While emergencies are, by

  4. Jindal Global University
    Mar 25

    2019 South Asia Public Affairs Conference Governance in an Era of Inequality: Training the Next Generation of Policy Practitioners in South Asia Hosted by NASPAA & O.P. Jindal Global University NASPAA

  5. Beijing Conference 2018
    Apr 10
    Heather Hamilton

    Together with Renmin University of China, NASPAA was pleased to host the Conference on Global Quality and Innovative Pedagogy on April 6-7, 2018 in Beijing, China. The two-day global event included