Posts Authored by Emily Stone

  1. Diverse Champions Of Public Service Values
    Jul 09
    Emily Stone

    NASPAA's Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation accredits 202 programs from around the world. These programs are of all different sizes and specializations, and the graduates from these programs

  2. 2019 San Juan Conference on Emergency Management
    Jul 03
    Emily Stone

    There is no use dwelling on what cannot be controlled, so NASPAA’s 2019 Emergency Management Education Conference was about preparing for the things that can be controlled. While emergencies are, by

  3. Taller Interactivo sobre Aprendizaje y Evaluación de Estudiantes
    Jun 26
    Emily Stone

    By Emily Stone NASPAA and INPAE leaders meet in Chile. Engaging with public service issues on the international stage is an important part of NASPAA’s work. Earlier this year NASPAA was thrilled to be