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Making and Using Case Studies in the Classroom

Hey faculty members! Want to learn about case studies and how to make and use them for your class?  Check out our training modules below!

 NASPAA TPAC 2020 Case Study Workshop

Case Study Video


Learn how to Teach With Case Studies and Make Your Own

Using cases as a learning tool is an amazing way to get your students engaged in the practical applications of their studies.  If they have ever wondered how to take what they have learned to use outside the classroom, this is your answer!  Thanks to our incredible presenters at the 2019 NASPAA Conference in LA, we have some amazing modules on how you can introduce case studies to your class.

Click below to check out an article on competency-based portfolios

Article: Case Studies Pedagogy

Download the slideshow presentation used by Blue Wooldridge:

Slide Show: A Strategic Contingency Approach to Instructional Design

Download the slideshow presentation used by Andrew Graham:

Slide Show: Case Study Formats and Learning Objectives

Strategic Contingency Approach
Make or Buy
Analytical Vs. Case Writer
Discussion Questions
How to Approach Creating your Case
Teaching Notes
Case Process and Teacher Roles
Case Tools: Problem and Scenario Cases
Case Tools: Case Pack
Live Cases
Interactive Communication
Benefits and Costs of Using Real Cases
Digital Case Study

Special Thanks

Blue Wooldridge

Blue Wooldridge

Virginia Commonwealth University

Andy Graham

Andrew Graham

Queen's University

Kathy Brock

Kathy Brock

Queen's University

We at NASPAA would like to give a big thank you to our amazing presenters!

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