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    Journal Article Case Study

    Founder or flounder: When board and founder relationship impact nonprofit performance

    Del M. N. Bharath
    Sue Carter Kahl
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This case study describes the complex relationships between nonprofit boards of directors and executive directors, especially when the executive director is the organization’s founder. The case takes...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Teaching diversity in public participation through participatory research: A case study of the PhotoVoice methodology

    Armando Matiz Reyes
    Kaila Witkowski
    Mark Padilla
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This article provides an introduction of the PhotoVoice methodology – a community-based participatory research methodology that uses photographs to critically engage hard-to-reach populations within...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Written communication by public servants: A case study on responding with the right words amid challenging contexts at the Housing Authority of Baltimore City

    Stephanie Dolamore
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Teaching workplace communication is vitally important as we expect public servants to have the skills to draft, review, and revise written communication materials. Less explicitly demanded, and more...

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    Journal Article Teaching and Learning

    Teaching public financial management: An integrated approach to a critical subject

    Michael Thom
    Teaching Public Administration

    This article presents an integrated approach to teaching a graduate-level public financial management course. It stresses the importance of fundamental budgeting proficiencies (e.g., cost allocation...

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    Journal Article Teaching and Learning

    Measuring the practice of engagement in public administration

    Jerrell D. Coggburn
    Johanna Phelps-Hillen
    Stephen R. Neeley
    Teaching Public Administration

    Following recent calls for greater synergies between public administration's (PA)’s academic and practitioner communities, this paper examines the prevalence and use of engaged teaching and faculty...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Leadership in a crisis

    Chrystal Alexander
    Erin Morse
    Evelyn Gardner
    Kevin Kearns
    Lydia McShane
    Marina Duane
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This case study explores the leadership of Admiral Thad Allen who was deployed to coordinate the federal response following Hurricane Katrina and the oil spill following the destruction of the...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Administrative decision-making amid competing public sector values: Confederate statue removal in Baltimore, Maryland

    Nicole M. Elias
    Rashmi Chordiya
    Sean McCandless
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Confederate monuments conjure competing public sector values. Like many cities in the USA, Baltimore, Maryland had monuments honoring the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy”. This case examines the...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Using a Capstone Case Study to Assess Student Learning on NASPAA Competencies

    David Powell
    Michelle Saint-Germain
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The 2009 NASPAA standards have the potential to fundamentally change the assessment systems used by graduate public affairs programs. These standards require programs to focus on creating systematic...

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    Breakthrough Practice Simulations

    Teaching public budgeting in the age of austerity using simulations

    Daniel Mallinson
    Teaching Public Administration

    Public administrators are deeply affected by the global crisis in public finances. As public sector revenues remain weak and demand increases for spending and debt reduction, as well as tax reform...

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    Breakthrough Practice Case Study

    How to write a case study for public affairs

    William Hatcher
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    A case study is a story narrative that places readers into the shoes of a protagonist so that they can gain the experience of addressing a particular problem or issue. When used effectively in the...