Simulations for Innovative Learning

Hey faculty members! Want to learn about simulations and how to make and use them for your class?  Check out our training modules below!

Learn About Using Simulations in the Classroom

Simulations are an exceptional tool in public affairs studies for innovative teaching and learning.  The Center for Leadership, Simulation and Gaming of the Frank Batten School at the University of Virginia has developed incredible simulations that have been used in classrooms as a tool to teach system dynamics, complex international relations, and more!  Thanks to our incredible presenters at the 2019 NASPAA Conference in LA, we have some amazing modules on how you can use simulations to your classroom.

This is a download link for the presentation materials used by the Center for Leadership, Simulation and Gaming team from the Batten School of Public Policy.

Presentation Slide Show


Pandemic Webinar

Introduction and explanation:

Conference Footage

Video Modules:

Classroom Introduction

Player Video

Instructor Video.

Special Thanks

  • Supriya Golas

    Supriya Golas

    Director of Simulation Education at NASPAA

  • Dana Harsell

    Dana Harsell

    Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, MPA Director, University of North Dakota

  • Noah Myung

    Noah Myung

    Director of the Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming and an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

  • Andy Ortiz

    Andy Ortiz

    Senior Engineer, Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming

  • Adam Roux

    Adam Roux

    Coordinator and Writer, Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming

  • Steven Parrott

    Steven Parrott

    Full Stack Developer, Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming

We at NASPAA would like to give a big thank you to our amazing presenters!

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