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Election Administration Meeting

NASPAA in conjunction with the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition hosted a Virtual Election Administration meeting on August 14, 2020.  Below are the videos from the session and additional resources you can use.     
Zoom Election Meeting

Schedule and Videos of Panels

Paul Gronke and Paul Mason will discuss the Democracy Funds Local Election Officers Survey and report “Stewards of Democracy, The Views of American Local Election Officials”.  Discussing the results of their 2018 survey and their planned updated survey/ report.


Video of Session



This panel will focus on the development of case studies and other learning objects that can be used in Undergraduate Political Science courses, and Graduate Election Administration courses.  

 Case Studies and Learning Objects to be developed/ discussed.

Attendees can take a break or can remain on the zoom to network with other attendees. 

This session will be conducted by the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition (SLSV) and focus on how to prepare students to vote in the November 2020 Elections especially as it relates to the impacts of Covid-19.  With a number of colleges and universities not in person in the fall, typical voter registration efforts will not be available.  How can these efforts be adapted to online environments?  How can universities encourage students to register using social media, and other online tools?   What other roadblocks to registration and voter turnout should our members be providing resources to students on how to navigate?  How can campuses address issues that specifically relate to under-represented minority voters? How can NASPAA encourage Pi Alpha Alpha chapters to lead the way?

Full Segment

National Voter Registration Day 

National Voter Education Week

Vote Early Day

Power the Polls  





Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. By participating in experiential learning opportunities while in school, students learn the critical thinking and data analysis skills they will need to succeed as professionals in the real-world and in the case of public affairs students, contribute to effective global governance.  NASPAA believes strongly in experiential learning and the competencies students can grow when given the opportunity to test their developing knowledge and skills in relatively low stakes situations prior to graduation. 


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