Standard 4: Matching Operations - Serving Students

Standard 4.1: Student Recruitment

The program will have student recruitment practices appropriate for its mission.

Standard 4.2: Student Admissions

The program will have and apply well-defined admission criteria appropriate for its mission.

Standard 4.3 Support for Students

The program will ensure the availability of support services, such as curriculum advising, internship placement and supervision, career counseling, and job placement assistance to enable students to progress in careers in public affairs, administration, and policy.

Standard 4.4 Student Diversity

The program will promote diversity and a climate of inclusiveness through its recruitment, admissions practices, and student support services.

Regardless of program niche, a shared goal of all NASPAA-accredited programs is educating competent public servants. Before a student even enters a classroom, Standard 4 ensures that programs match their recruitment and admissions processes to their mission.

For matriculated students, Standard 4 asks programs to discuss how the support services (advising, internship and job placement, etc.) adequately support students, preparing them for future careers and ensuring a timely graduation. Further, Standard 4.4 confirms that students have the opportunity to learn in a diverse environment -- that the program supports a climate of inclusiveness.

Standard 4