Standard 3: Matching Operations - Faculty Performance

Standard 3.1: Faculty Qualifications

The program's faculty members will be academically or professionally qualified to pursue the programs mission.

Standard 3.2: Faculty Diversity

The program will promote diversity and a climate of inclusiveness through its recruitment and retention of faculty members.

Standard 3.3: Research, Scholarship and Service

Program faculty members will produce scholarship and engage in professional and community service activities outside of the university appropriate to the program's mission, stage of their careers, and the expectations of their university.

The productivity of the faculty -- their expertise and ongoing engagement -- and its consistency with program goals and student learning outcomes of a program, is central to Standard 3. Programs are expected to ensure each of their faculty members is academically or professionally qualified, is appropriately engaged in the program and profession, and reflects a variety of perspectives and experiences. 

COPRA continues to evaluate faculty diversity and the climate of inclusiveness against the context of the program itself, allowing programs based in different geographic locales and regions to be sensitive to local diversity issues and concerns. Programs are expected to provide program- and mission-specific diversity plans that detail strategies to promote faculty, student, and curricular diversity and foster an overall climate of inclusiveness. 


Standard 3: Faculty