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We promote the ideal of public service globally. We want the best prepared students to enter public service, and we want the best faculty to teach and research in our field. Everything we do focuses on these goals.


2024 Admissions Meeting

2024 NASPAA Admissions Meeting

Hosted by Georgetown University

NASPAA's Admissions Professionals Meeting is a one-day annual gathering for member schools to discuss issues and trends pertaining to admissions, such as recruiting and financial aid.  Program directors from schools without dedicated admissions staff are welcome!

Annual Conference

Registration Now Open!

October 23-25, 2024

Save the date for NASPAA2024! This year's Annual Conference is back in Washington, DC at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.  Visit our website and check out the NASPAA newsletters for updates. Call for panel proposals opens in Feb. 2024. Registration opens in June 2024.


Call for Executive Council and VP Nominations Now Open!

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Have questions about seeking or maintaining accreditation? Find the official Standards and policies, as well as resources for applicants and currently accredited programs here.


Data Center

Interested in enrollment and other data trends?  Need to enter your Annual Data Report? Trying the find the school that is the right fit for you? 


Student Resources

Want to join the student simulation? Want to learn more about what a public affairs degree is?  Looking for a program?  Interested in what future employment and salary prospects you have?

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The authoritative search tool for programs in public affairs, public administration, and public policy - the only online directory that includes data from schools themselves. You can search and filter by a wide range of criteria.

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