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    Journal Article Diversity

    Training for the Reality of Diversity: Applying the DEI Training Ladder to a MPA Core Course

    Meagan M. Jordan
    Ron Carlee
    Vickie Tyler Carnegie
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The effective public sector must facilitate relationships between the government and the public that reflect the increasing cultural diversity of their communities. With the reality of increasing...

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    Journal Article Research

    Why gender and research productivity matters in academia: Exploring evidence from NASPAA-accredited schools

    Gina Scutelnicu
    Hillary J. Knepper
    Rebecca Tekula
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This study is the first to examine the research productivity of public administration faculty by gender through the perceptions of full-time faculty members at NASPAA-accredited schools. It...

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    Journal Article Gender

    The invisible challenges: Gender differences among public administration faculty

    Beth M. Rauhaus
    Isla A. Schuchs Carr
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Female faculty members in public service programs take on a disproportionate amount of advising and mentoring responsibilities yet are less likely to be in leadership positions at universities. Women...

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    Journal Article Doctoral

    Supporting women scholars’ paths to academia: An examination of family-friendly policies of public affairs doctoral programs

    Candice Pippin Bodkin
    Casey J. Fleming
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Despite earning roughly half the doctoral degrees in public administration, women remain underrepresented in public affairs programs, particularly in senior positions. Studies describe a leaky...

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    Journal Article Social Justice

    Advancing social justice and racial equity in the public sector

    Brandi Blessett
    Julie Burr
    Vanessa Lopez-Littleton
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This article argues that the integration of race-conscious dialogues in public administration programs will promote racial and social justice, as well as improve service delivery for a wide array of...

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    Research Report Inclusion

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Public Affairs Graduate Programs

    Ashlyn Aiko Nelson
    SPEA Capstone Team

    This report is the product of a Capstone course within Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Master of Public Affairs (MPA) programs, one of the programs accredited by...