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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Searching for social equity among public administration mission statements

    Tyrone P Dooley
    Teaching Public Administration

    The main research question considered in this article is the relative prominence of social equity among public administration curricula via an examination of program mission. It has long been asserted...

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    Journal Article Teaching and Learning

    Teaching public financial management: An integrated approach to a critical subject

    Michael Thom
    Teaching Public Administration

    This article presents an integrated approach to teaching a graduate-level public financial management course. It stresses the importance of fundamental budgeting proficiencies (e.g., cost allocation;...

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    Journal Article Cultural Competency

    Gender competency in public administration education

    Maria D'Agostino
    Nicole M. Elias
    Teaching Public Administration

    Sex and gender are evolving identity categories with emergent public policy and administration needs. To respond to the diverse landscape of sex and gender issues in the public sector, greater...

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    Journal Article Teaching and Learning

    Measuring the practice of engagement in public administration

    Jerrell D. Coggburn
    Johanna Phelps-Hillen
    Stephen R. Neeley
    Teaching Public Administration

    Following recent calls for greater synergies between public administration's (PA)’s academic and practitioner communities, this paper examines the prevalence and use of engaged teaching and faculty...

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    Journal Article Sustainability

    Sustainability education in public administration and policy: A multi-method study of NASPAA accredited programs

    Nandhini Rangarajan
    Saumya Joshi
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This study examines the nature of sustainability education in public affairs programs. First, through web content analysis of NASPAA accredited MPA/MPP programs, and second through web survey of...

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    Journal Article Undergraduate Education

    Continuing to build knowledge: Undergraduate nonprofit programs in institutions of higher learning

    Carol Brunt
    Peter C. Weber
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    As student demand for nonprofit management education (NME) grows, new program offerings proliferate. While longitudinal data track the development of graduate NME programs, their curricula and...

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    Journal Article Doctoral

    Supporting women scholars’ paths to academia: An examination of family-friendly policies of public affairs doctoral programs

    Candice Pippin Bodkin
    Casey J. Fleming
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Despite earning roughly half the doctoral degrees in public administration, women remain underrepresented in public affairs programs, particularly in senior positions. Studies describe a leaky...

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    Journal Article Doctoral

    Knowing, Doing, and Becoming: Professional Identity Construction among Public Affairs Doctoral Students

    Amy E. Smith
    Deneen H. Hatmaker
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Public administration scholars have long examined how doctoral students in public affairs are trained to become researchers. Our study adds to this body of knowledge by examining socialization and...

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    Journal Article Doctoral

    Changes in public affairs and administration doctoral research, 2000 and 2015

    Adam M. Williams
    Derek Slagle
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The study collected data from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database for years 2000 and 2015 in order to explore shifts in public affairs doctoral research. Results indicated a dramatic increase...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Leadership in a crisis

    Chrystal Alexander
    Erin Morse
    Evelyn Gardner
    Kevin Kearns
    Lydia McShane
    Marina Duane
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This case study explores the leadership of Admiral Thad Allen who was deployed to coordinate the federal response following Hurricane Katrina and the oil spill following the destruction of the...