Publications Tagged as Diversity Plan

  1. NASPAA2018
    Conference Presentation Cultural Competency

    Moving from Diversity to Equity and Inclusion – Planning, Crafting and Implementing a Thoughtful, Measurable, and Effective (Diversity) Plan

    Brandi Blessett
    Bridgette Cram
    Tia Sheree Gaynor

    NASPAA 2018 workshop presentation on diversity planning

  2. JPAE Publication icon
    Journal Article Diversity

    The impact of enhanced student diversity on diversity opinions

    Jason L. Jensen
    Nikolaus T. Butz
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This study is an evaluation of an MPA program intervention designed to enhance cultural competency by increasing program diversity. The intervention, part of a larger diversity plan, attempted to...

  3. NASPAA2017
    Conference Presentation Diversity

    Writing a Diversity Plan: A workshop on crafting a thoughtful, measureable, and effective plan

    Brandi Blessett
    Bridgette Cram
    Mohamad Alkadry
    Tia Sheree Gaynor

    NASPAA 2017 panel on diversity planning. Includes a worksheet to support the drafting of a diversity plan!