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    Journal Article Case Study

    Teaching diversity in public participation through participatory research: A case study of the PhotoVoice methodology

    Armando Matiz Reyes
    Kaila Witkowski
    Mark Padilla
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This article provides an introduction of the PhotoVoice methodology – a community-based participatory research methodology that uses photographs to critically engage hard-to-reach populations within...

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    Journal Article Cultural Competency

    Gender competency in public administration education

    Maria D'Agostino
    Nicole M. Elias
    Teaching Public Administration

    Sex and gender are evolving identity categories with emergent public policy and administration needs. To respond to the diverse landscape of sex and gender issues in the public sector, greater...

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    Journal Article Cultural Competency

    Embedding cultural competence and racial justice in public administration programs

    Brandi Blessett
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Public administrators are stewards of democracy and therefore, must develop competence in order to address the needs of a diverse constituency. Programs of public affairs, administration, and policy...

  4. NASPAA2018
    Conference Presentation Cultural Competency

    Moving from Diversity to Equity and Inclusion – Planning, Crafting and Implementing a Thoughtful, Measurable, and Effective (Diversity) Plan

    Brandi Blessett
    Bridgette Cram
    Tia Sheree Gaynor

    NASPAA 2018 workshop presentation on diversity planning

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    Journal Article Cultural Competency

    Measuring cultural competence in emergency management and homeland security higher education programs

    Brittany Haupt
    Claire Connolly Knox
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    With the evolving demographics of our communities and recent disasters directly impacting socially vulnerable populations, cultural competency has increased in importance. Emergency management and...

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    Journal Article Diversity

    The impact of enhanced student diversity on diversity opinions

    Jason L. Jensen
    Nikolaus T. Butz
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This study is an evaluation of an MPA program intervention designed to enhance cultural competency by increasing program diversity. The intervention, part of a larger diversity plan, attempted to...

  7. cc presentation
    Conference Presentation Cultural Competency

    Cultural Competency and NASPAA Accreditation

    Crystal Calarusse
    Heather Hamilton

    How do NASPAA-accredited programs around the world approach diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency?