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    Journal Article Simulations

    Simulation efficacy and applicability: Reported learning from a virtual computer-based pandemic simulation on skill-based competencies among public affairs students

    Christina Barsky
    Dana Michael Harsell
    Supriya Golas
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Computer-based simulations in public affairs curricula are thought to better prepare graduates for responding to an increasingly complex public policy environment upon entering into or advancing...

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    JPAE- Guest Editorial Curriculum

    Financial condition analysis: A key tool in the MPA curriculum

    Carol Ebdon
    Craig S. Maher
    John R. Bartle
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    We are living in challenging times from the perspective of financing government services. Whether it is voter frustration with taxes, governments still recovering from the 2007–08 “Great Recession,”...

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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Social Equity in Public Administration: A Call to Action

    Andrea M Headley
    Beverly Edmond
    Brandi Blessett
    Brian N Williams
    Holly T Goerdel
    Jennifer Dodge
    Norma M Riccucci
    Susan T Gooden
    Perspectives on Public Management and Governance

    This article presents a “Call to Action” Social Equity Manifesto developed at the Minnowbrook at 50 conference. The Social Equity Manifesto identifies several critical areas of emphasis that can help...

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    Journal Article public service values

    Student public service value priorities

    Eric S. Zeemering
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Debates about trade-offs among values are central to the field of public administration and to graduate education in public affairs. Accreditation guidelines from the Network of Schools of Public...

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    Journal Article Competencies

    Administering prevention or administering atrocities? Public affairs education in dark times

    Nadia Rubaii
    Sebastian Lippez-De Castro
    Susan Appe
    Teaching Public Administration

    Despite repeated calls to temper the bureaucratic ethos and its associated process-oriented pathologies with more of a democratic ethos grounded in normative values and the public interest, the...

  6. inpae 2018
    Conference Presentation Assessment

    Evaluación de Aprendizajes de los Estudiantes

    Josefina Bruni-Celli
    Rosa Amelia Gonzalez
  7. inpae 2018
    Conference Presentation Strategic Planning

    Planificacion Estrategica para Programas Academicos

    Josefina Bruni-Celli
    Nadia Rubaii
    Palmira Rios
    Rex Facer

    • Presentación de los facilitadores • Historia, justificación, supuestos • Metas y objetivos de este taller • Aviso – de qué no trata este taller • Resumen del contenido de los módulos de este taller...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Using a Capstone Case Study to Assess Student Learning on NASPAA Competencies

    David Powell
    Michelle Saint-Germain
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The 2009 NASPAA standards have the potential to fundamentally change the assessment systems used by graduate public affairs programs. These standards require programs to focus on creating systematic...

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    Journal Article Assessment

    Using Competency-based Portfolios as a Pedagogical Tool and Assessment Strategy in MPA Programs

    Christopher Koliba
    Naim Kapucu
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The development and use of the portfolio has become a critical feature of many Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs. The portfolio assignment has grown out of deepened appreciation of...