Publications Authored by Peter C. Weber

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    JPAE- Book Review public service values

    University autonomy decline: Causes, responses, and implications for academic freedom

    Aneu Pebrianti
    Fadli Agus Triansyah
    Rini Melani
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Academic freedom is often considered an absolute value of higher education institutions (Beaud, Citation2020). Traditionally, its value has been linked to topics such as ownership, the need for...

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    Journal Article Diversity

    Training for the Reality of Diversity: Applying the DEI Training Ladder to a MPA Core Course

    Meagan M. Jordan
    Ron Carlee
    Vickie Tyler Carnegie
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The effective public sector must facilitate relationships between the government and the public that reflect the increasing cultural diversity of their communities. With the reality of increasing...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    A cautionary tale of power and corruption: CEO autonomy and board oversight at the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    Jennifer Jones
    Kimberly Wiley
    Theresa Beachy
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    he Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) was a nationally recognized nonprofit until 2019 when scandalous newspaper headlines such as “$7.5 million payday for the head of this Florida...

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    Journal Article Simulations

    Simulation efficacy and applicability: Reported learning from a virtual computer-based pandemic simulation on skill-based competencies among public affairs students

    Christina Barsky
    Dana Michael Harsell
    Supriya Golas
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Computer-based simulations in public affairs curricula are thought to better prepare graduates for responding to an increasingly complex public policy environment upon entering into or advancing...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Founder or flounder: When board and founder relationship impact nonprofit performance

    Del M. N. Bharath
    Sue Carter Kahl
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This case study describes the complex relationships between nonprofit boards of directors and executive directors, especially when the executive director is the organization’s founder. The case takes...

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    Journal Article Cross-sectoral engagement

    Bridging the academic-practitioner divide: Findings from a survey of public administration faculty and practitioners

    Jessica Ancira
    Nandhini Rangarajan
    Patricia Shields
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The academic practitioner divide and strategies to close that gap have been important lines of inquiry in the fields of public administration and public affairs. This study contributes to that...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Teaching diversity in public participation through participatory research: A case study of the PhotoVoice methodology

    Armando Matiz Reyes
    Kaila Witkowski
    Mark Padilla
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This article provides an introduction of the PhotoVoice methodology – a community-based participatory research methodology that uses photographs to critically engage hard-to-reach populations within...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Written communication by public servants: A case study on responding with the right words amid challenging contexts at the Housing Authority of Baltimore City

    Stephanie Dolamore
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Teaching workplace communication is vitally important as we expect public servants to have the skills to draft, review, and revise written communication materials. Less explicitly demanded, and more...

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    JPAE- Guest Editorial Social Equity

    Stepping up to the plate: Making social equity a priority in public administration’s troubled times

    Ashley E. Nickels
    Brandi Blessett
    Kristen Norman-Major
    Parisa Vinzant
    Rachel Emas
    RaJade M. Berry-James
    Sean McCandless
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The United States is built on and reinforced by exploitation and oppression, especially the genocide “of Native Americans, and the theft of their lands, and the extensive enslavement of Africans”...

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    Journal Article Teaching and Learning

    Transforming plans into community impact: Strategic planning as service-learning in public and nonprofit administration graduate programs

    David Mitchell
    Gregg Buckingham
    Teaching Public Administration

    Service-learning is highly praised as a successful pedagogical tool for students’ learning. Benefits are attributed to students, the university, and the community. However, the literature also...