Publications Authored by Gina Scutelnicu

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    Journal Article Nonprofit

    Nonprofit graduate education: Who gets the degree and why?

    Amanda Stewart
    Kerry Kuenzi
    Marlene Walk
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The field of nonprofit education is rapidly growing, but the nonprofit literature has a noticeable gap about the impact of nonprofit education degree programs on their graduates, the organizations...

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    Journal Article Doctoral

    An analysis of gender differences in public administration doctoral dissertation research

    Jung Ah (Claire) Yun
    Lindsey M. McDougle
    Madinah F. Hamidullah
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Using data provided in ProQuest: Dissertations and Theses: Global (PQDTGlobal) database from 1890 to 2016, in this study we explore gender differences in historical and contemporary trends in public...

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    JPAE- Guest Editorial Curriculum

    Financial condition analysis: A key tool in the MPA curriculum

    Carol Ebdon
    Craig S. Maher
    John R. Bartle
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    We are living in challenging times from the perspective of financing government services. Whether it is voter frustration with taxes, governments still recovering from the 2007–08 “Great Recession,”...

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    Journal Article Curriculum

    Understanding the need for planning for public administrators: An examination of planning courses and concentrations in NASPAA member programs

    Wesley L. Meares
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Public administration scholarship of teaching and learning has given little attention to planning curriculum, despite that planning is becoming more relevant to public administrators. This notion of...

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    Journal Article Research

    Why gender and research productivity matters in academia: Exploring evidence from NASPAA-accredited schools

    Gina Scutelnicu
    Hillary J. Knepper
    Rebecca Tekula
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This study is the first to examine the research productivity of public administration faculty by gender through the perceptions of full-time faculty members at NASPAA-accredited schools. It...

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    Journal Article Gender

    The invisible challenges: Gender differences among public administration faculty

    Beth M. Rauhaus
    Isla A. Schuchs Carr
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Female faculty members in public service programs take on a disproportionate amount of advising and mentoring responsibilities yet are less likely to be in leadership positions at universities. Women...

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    Journal Article Undergraduate Education

    Going beyond study abroad: An introduction to United States and Chinese joint undergraduate degree programs in public affairs education

    Madinah F. Hamidullah
    Mauricio Astudillo-Rodas
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Public administration has continued to see the international increase on the graduate level and is beginning to have an increasing interest at the undergraduate level. This article focuses...

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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Social Equity in Public Administration: A Call to Action

    Andrea M Headley
    Beverly Edmond
    Brandi Blessett
    Brian N Williams
    Holly T Goerdel
    Jennifer Dodge
    Norma M Riccucci
    Susan T Gooden
    Perspectives on Public Management and Governance

    This article presents a “Call to Action” Social Equity Manifesto developed at the Minnowbrook at 50 conference. The Social Equity Manifesto identifies several critical areas of emphasis that can help...

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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Searching for social equity among public administration mission statements

    Tyrone P Dooley
    Teaching Public Administration

    The main research question considered in this article is the relative prominence of social equity among public administration curricula via an examination of program mission. It has long been asserted...

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    Journal Article Cultural Competency

    Gender competency in public administration education

    Maria D'Agostino
    Nicole M. Elias
    Teaching Public Administration

    Sex and gender are evolving identity categories with emergent public policy and administration needs. To respond to the diverse landscape of sex and gender issues in the public sector, greater...