NASPAA Accreditation Institute Offers Insight into Accreditation Process

September 24, 2019
The Value of the Accreditation Institute

If you’re thinking about attending the Accreditation Institute…

The Accreditation Institute is your chance to learn more about how NASPAA is ensuring excellence in public service education. The full-day event gives you the opportunity to ask questions, converse with peers going through the same process as you, and discover the ways in which your program will benefit from accreditation or re-accreditation.

The 2019 Accreditation Institute will take place October 16th, as part of 2019 NASPAA Annual Conference pre-conference activities in Los Angeles, CA. The full day event is free for those who have already registered for the conference, and it includes six sessions all designed to help your program with mission-driven, outcomes-oriented, and evidence-based growth. The Institute is open to all who are curious about accreditation from NASPAA, and any program will benefit from the Institute’s teachings. We particularly encourage the attendance of programs seeking re-accreditation in the near future, as these sessions are intentionally designed to clarify the accreditation process.

Now that you’ve decided to join us...

Make sure you’re ready! The Accreditation Institute is packed with information, so preparation is the key to ensuring you get the most out of the day. First, make sure you fill out this survey. The survey will take your information as well as any specific questions you’d like addressed regarding accreditation and the standards. Institute facilitators will be able to tailor discussions to your most pressing needs using your survey responses, and they will be able to group you with other program representatives depending on your level of familiarity with accreditation.

Second, make sure to review the preparation materials. The Institute is based upon a flipped classroom. A series of videos, available here, give participants the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the NASPAA Standards ahead of the Institute. It is imperative that you review these materials in order to get the full benefits of the Accreditation Institute. The facilitators will run sessions under the assumption that audience members have reviewed the materials, and the volume of information covered necessitates some prior familiarity. In addition, reviewing the materials allows you to come to the Institute fully prepared to address the questions that are most pertinent to your program rather than the process as a whole. If after reviewing the materials you discover further questions that you did not include in the survey, then never fear! You may email your questions to with the subject line “2019 Accreditation Institute Questions.” 

We look forward to having you join us for a day dedicated to accreditation!