Accreditation Institute

The Accreditation Institute is a series of online educational sessions offered the day before the 2021 NASPAA Conference for academic program directors and faculty seeking to learn about accreditation for masters-level public service degrees. Attendance is free to registered NASPAA Conference attendees.
Banner for 2021 Accreditation Institute, including date of Wednesday, October 27.
When is it?

The 2021 Accreditation Institute will be held October 27, 2021 – one day before the official start of the NASPAA Annual Conference. The Institute is free with the NASPAA Conference registration.

Where is it?

The 2021 Accreditation Institute will be held virtually. For additional details on conference logistics, please visit the NASPAA Annual Conference site.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in learning more about NASPAA Accreditation is encouraged to attend. Programs seeking (re)accreditation in the short-term – programs in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 cohorts – are especially encouraged to register for the 2021 Institute when registering for the conference. It is also an excellent opportunity for programs interested in seeking accreditation to prepare for both the eligibility application and/or self-study report. Program heads and faculty new to currently accredited programs are also welcome to join colleagues to learn about the expectations of accredited programs!

The day is designed to provide the tools to be successful in mission-driven, outcomes-oriented, evidence-based accreditation-earning program management.

What will I learn?

The 2021 Accreditation Institute will use a combination of audio-visual presentations to provide an orientation to each of the 7 NASPAA Accreditation Standards, including maintaining your mission and sustainable assessment, as well as program best practices. The philosophy of the training is focused on the elements of managing a program effectively: mission-driven, outcomes-oriented, evidence-based.

Anyone interested can also train to become a NASPAA Site Visitor! COPRA encourages programs who are recently accredited (and not in immediate upcoming cohorts) to train as a site visitor!

The 2021 Accreditation Institute will feature four sessions of 1.5 hours each. Each session is intended to be independent of the others, and participation of registered attendees in all four sessions is not expected or required. You get to attend one, two, three or all four sessions based on your program’s and your needs.

  • Session 1, Introduction and Overview of Accreditation and the NASPAA Standards: Accreditation Staff will develop and lead an overview of the accreditation process and review of the NASPAA Standards. Intended Audience: Programs new to accreditation, seeking a review for the first time, or seeking an introductory understanding of the accreditation process and requirements.
  • Session 2, 2019 Standards Revisions: This session will highlight what programs need to know to specifically address the revisions to the 2019 NASPAA Standards. Intended Audience: Programs that have not previously worked with the 2019 Standards.
  • Session 3, Preparing for and Writing a Self-Study Report: Programs have traditionally identified the self-study as one of the most valuable parts of the accreditation process. This session will focus on the best practices in data collection, organization, and analysis and practices to write a self-study built around the 2019 NASPAA Standards and 2019 Self-Study Instructions. Intended Audience: Programs that have previously experienced challenges in writing a self-study report, and program directors and lead faculty new to writing self-studies.
  • Session 4, Common Challenges in Meeting NASPAA Standards: Recent data shows that programs often are challenged in addressing Standard 1, Standard 2, and Standard 5. This session will address the most common challenges. Intended Audience: Programs familiar with the accreditation process and NASPAA Standards who could benefit from a deep-dive into the more challenging aspects of the accreditation process.
What is the schedule?

The 2021 Accreditation Institute will be virtually on October 27, 2021. A link to the latest schedule will be posted here when it is available.

Do I have to prepare?

It could help to prepare! Familiarity with the NASPAA Standards is a key to getting the most out of the Accreditation Institute. A series of videos, available here, give participants the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the NASPAA Standards ahead of the Institute.  Then, on October 27, Session 1 will include a brief overview of the NASPAA Standards. By covering the details of the NASPAA Standards ahead of time, the Institute can focus on hands-on learning, applying the concepts and tools needed to prepare a comprehensive Self-Study Report.

2021 Accreditation Institute

Stop back here for additional information and updates on the 2021 Accreditation Institute. It will be especially useful for programs seeking (re)accreditation in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 cohorts.