Standard 6: Matching Resources with Mission

Standard 6.1 Resource Adequacy

The program will have sufficient funds, physical facilities, and resources in addition to its faculty to pursue its mission, objectives, and continuous improvement.

For NASPAA accreditation, Standard 6 and resource adequacy are about more than your program's overall budget. COPRA wants to be sure that your program has all of the resources it needs -- financial, personnel, capital -- to pursue its mission and ensure continuous improvement, especially as a result of systematic assessment.

As such, COPRA's resource-related questions are often linked to other standards: is the program able to track its students and alumni? (Standards 4 & 5) Can the program support its faculty and/or program director? (Standards 2 & 3) Can the program attract strong faculty and students? (Standards 3 & 4) Are required and/or elective courses offered frequently enough to ensure persistence to graduation? (Standard 4)

Standard 6