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    JPAE- Guest Editorial Social Equity

    Stepping up to the plate: Making social equity a priority in public administration’s troubled times

    Ashley E. Nickels
    Brandi Blessett
    Kristen Norman-Major
    Parisa Vinzant
    Rachel Emas
    RaJade M. Berry-James
    Sean McCandless
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The United States is built on and reinforced by exploitation and oppression, especially the genocide “of Native Americans, and the theft of their lands, and the extensive enslavement of Africans”...

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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Social Equity in Public Administration: A Call to Action

    Andrea M Headley
    Beverly Edmond
    Brandi Blessett
    Brian N Williams
    Holly T Goerdel
    Jennifer Dodge
    Norma M Riccucci
    Susan T Gooden
    Perspectives on Public Management and Governance

    This article presents a “Call to Action” Social Equity Manifesto developed at the Minnowbrook at 50 conference. The Social Equity Manifesto identifies several critical areas of emphasis that can help...

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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Searching for social equity among public administration mission statements

    Tyrone P Dooley
    Teaching Public Administration

    The main research question considered in this article is the relative prominence of social equity among public administration curricula via an examination of program mission. It has long been asserted...