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    Conference Presentation Accreditation

    NASPAA Accreditation Discussion

    Christine Rush

    2019 SECoPA Annual Conference session discussing an overview of the NASPAA accreditation process and NASPAA Standards.

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    Journal Article Assessment

    Competencies and outcomes in public affairs education

    Edward T. Jennings, Jr.
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    To herald JPAE’s 25th volume, it is appropriate to look back at a bit of history and look forward to future research. Just as governments have faced demands to demonstrate results, so also did...

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    Conference Presentation Assessment

    Evaluación de Aprendizajes de los Estudiantes

    Josefina Bruni-Celli
    Rosa Amelia Gonzalez
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    Journal Article Assessment

    Three Principles of Competency-Based Learning: Mission, Mission, Mission

    William C. Rivenbark
    Willow S. Jacobson
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    NASPAA adopted new accreditation standards in October 2009, requiring Masters programs of public administration, public policy, and public affairs to adopt and implement competency-based learning...

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    Journal Article Case Study

    Using a Capstone Case Study to Assess Student Learning on NASPAA Competencies

    David Powell
    Michelle Saint-Germain
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The 2009 NASPAA standards have the potential to fundamentally change the assessment systems used by graduate public affairs programs. These standards require programs to focus on creating systematic...

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    Journal Article Assessment

    Using Competency-based Portfolios as a Pedagogical Tool and Assessment Strategy in MPA Programs

    Christopher Koliba
    Naim Kapucu
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The development and use of the portfolio has become a critical feature of many Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs. The portfolio assignment has grown out of deepened appreciation of...