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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Social Equity in Public Administration: A Call to Action

    Andrea M Headley
    Beverly Edmond
    Brandi Blessett
    Brian N Williams
    Holly T Goerdel
    Jennifer Dodge
    Norma M Riccucci
    Susan T Gooden
    Perspectives on Public Management and Governance

    This article presents a “Call to Action” Social Equity Manifesto developed at the Minnowbrook at 50 conference. The Social Equity Manifesto identifies several critical areas of emphasis that can help...

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    Journal Article Social Equity

    Searching for social equity among public administration mission statements

    Tyrone P Dooley
    Teaching Public Administration

    The main research question considered in this article is the relative prominence of social equity among public administration curricula via an examination of program mission. It has long been asserted...

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    Journal Article public service values

    Student public service value priorities

    Eric S. Zeemering
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Debates about trade-offs among values are central to the field of public administration and to graduate education in public affairs. Accreditation guidelines from the Network of Schools of Public...

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    Journal Article Inclusion

    Gender in negotiation: Preparing public administrators for the 21st century workplace

    Helisse Levine
    Maria D'Agostino
    Meghna Sabharwal
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This exploratory study questions whether Master of Public Administration programs prepare future public administrators to how gender plays out in negotiations that occur in organizations. Negotiated...

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    Journal Article Curriculum

    The crisis of policy education in turbulent times: Are schools of public affairs in danger of becoming irrelevant?

    Angela M. Evans
    Jenny Knowles Morrison
    Matthew R. Auer
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The work of crafting sustainable solutions to complex policy problems requires decision makers and implementers to secure buy-in from a diverse set of stakeholders. Those stakeholders operate in...

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    Journal Article Assessment

    Competencies and outcomes in public affairs education

    Edward T. Jennings, Jr.
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    To herald JPAE’s 25th volume, it is appropriate to look back at a bit of history and look forward to future research. Just as governments have faced demands to demonstrate results, so also did...

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    Journal Article Competencies

    Administering prevention or administering atrocities? Public affairs education in dark times

    Nadia Rubaii
    Sebastian Lippez-De Castro
    Susan Appe
    Teaching Public Administration

    Despite repeated calls to temper the bureaucratic ethos and its associated process-oriented pathologies with more of a democratic ethos grounded in normative values and the public interest, the...

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    Journal Article Cultural Competency

    Including women in public affairs departments: Diversity is not enough

    Jessica Sowa
    Lauren Hamilton Edwards
    Maja Holmes
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    The representation of women in faculty roles within universities broadly and within public affairs departments specifically has been evolving over the past three decades. However, diversifying gender...

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    Journal Article Cultural Competency

    Embedding cultural competence and racial justice in public administration programs

    Brandi Blessett
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    Public administrators are stewards of democracy and therefore, must develop competence in order to address the needs of a diverse constituency. Programs of public affairs, administration, and policy...

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    Journal Article Social Justice

    Advancing social justice and racial equity in the public sector

    Brandi Blessett
    Julie Burr
    Vanessa Lopez-Littleton
    Journal of Public Affairs Education

    This article argues that the integration of race-conscious dialogues in public administration programs will promote racial and social justice, as well as improve service delivery for a wide array of...