ICYMI: NASPAA Accreditation Data Report

January 27, 2022
ICYMI: Accredited Programs Annual Data Report

Since 2010, NASPAA has collected data on key outputs and outcomes of master’s degree programs of public service education to track the development in the field, producing annual reports to present and analyze the aggregated data. The 2019-2020 Accreditation Data Report is the tenth annual data report on NASPAA Accredited Programs. The 2019-2020 report analyzes and concludes the education performance of 212 accredited programs and programs seeking accreditation in academic year 2019-2020  Data in this report are provided by programs and collected by NASPAA from self-study reports, accreditation maintenance reports, and annual program surveys. The data summaries (above and below) combine accredited programs as of September 2021 and data from the 2019-2020 Accreditation Data Report. You can download the report or the raw data (2019-2020 data).



2021-2022 NASPAA Accredited Programs
NASPAA International Diversity Report 2021-22