COPRA Bias Training

November 17, 2023
COPRA Bias Training 2023

 NASPAA's Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation (COPRA) participated in Bias training as a part of the October Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. 

COPRA Bias Training

The half-day training session, facilitated by Dr. Anthony W. Wade and Willie Ratchford from WPR Consulting, unfolded as a series of eye-opening workshops and discussions. Engaging activities prompted COPRA to confront their own biases and reconsider preconceived notions.


As outlined in NASPAA’s strategic plan, fostering a workplace culture that advances diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility (DEIJA) is a key priority. The Bias training serves as a targeted initiative within this broader strategy, aiming to address and mitigate biases that may impede COPRA’s progress. By aligning the training with specific objectives, we are not only investing in the professional development of the team but also fortifying the foundation for a more inclusive and equitable workplace.


COPRA is committed to an annual process of self-reflection, education, and open dialogue. Future initiatives will be undertaken where the Committee can assess progress, address challenges, and continuously refine their approach.