Creating an Inclusive Climate

As the public service workforce becomes increasingly diverse and globalized, it is important for accredited programs to prepare students to work effectively across a more globalized context. COPRA seeks substantial evidence regarding programmatic efforts to promote diversity and a climate of inclusiveness, specifically demonstrable evidence of good practice, a framework for evaluating diversity efforts, and the connection to the program’s mission and objectives. Graduate students should be able to apply their knowledge, understanding, and problem solving abilities in new or unfamiliar environments, and within broader or multidisciplinary contexts related to public affairs, administration, and policy. They should also have the ability to deal with incomplete information, complexity, and conflicting demands and be able to reflect upon social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments. Thus, COPRA expects an accredited program to implement and be accountable for delivering its distinctive mission through the course of study it offers and through the learning outcomes it expects its graduates to attain. To learn more about what COPRA has to say, view the Diversity Across the Standards webpage for additional guidance. 

Common Concerns

  • Our program does not have sufficient resources to fund diverse and inclusive programs or trainings.
  • Our program currently does not track diversity efforts so we are unsure of what areas need the most assistance.
  • Our program has a female and/or minority faculty turnover problem.
  • Students provide negative feedback on the program’s climate.
  • The diversity of our student body is not representative of our faculty. 
  • Our institution lacks appropriate funding for faculty diversity-related research.
  • We have no new faculty hires to enhance diversity.
  • The conversation regarding diversity and inclusion is not well-developed in my university and/or country.

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Additional Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Student Diversity

COPRA expects that student diversity will be reflected in each aspect of accredited programs.  Thus, a program should encourage diversity in its student body to help prepare students for the professional workplace.

Faculty Diversity

COPRA seeks evidence that program-specific plans are in place and are being implemented to promote faculty diversity with regard to faculty recruitment, supplemental diversity efforts, and providing a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Curricular Diversity

Incorporating diversity into course materials is one way institutions can provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to succeed in a diverse society.