2021 Accreditation Institute Recap

January 04, 2022
University of North Texas College of Health & Public Service Sponsor

There has been time for reflection upon the 2021 NASPAA Accreditation Institute that was held on October 27, 2021. NASPAA and COPRA welcomed over 130 attendees to the second Virtual Accreditation Institute. Participants representing over 80 institutions in 6 countries gathered to learn about NASPAA Accreditation. The 2021 Institute was facilitated by Dr. William Rivenbark (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) with support from Martha Bohrt, NASPAA Chief Accreditation Officer and David Bernstein, NASPAA Accreditation Manager and Director of Evaluation. The day was divided into four sessions covering topics from strategic program management, to the accreditation review process, to the seven NASPAA Accreditation Standards.


Slides are available on the NASPAA Accreditation Institute webpage here. Through April 2022, 2021 NASPAA Annual Conference registrants may review recordings of the four Accreditation Institute sessions by using the link to the personalized Pathable application sent by email before the conference.


What Did Participants Think of the 2021 NASPAA Accreditation Institute?

Post the Accreditation Institute a survey was sent to attendees and the findings indicated that over 98 percent of participants agreed that the AI provided tools to use in developing an accreditation self-study report. In addition, 86 percent of participants strongly agreed that the AI provided clear information about the NASPAA Accreditation Standards. Lastly, over 76 percent strongly agreed that they would recommend the NASPAA Accreditation Institute to a colleague from their own or another program.


NASPAA once again thanks the sponsor of the 2021 Accreditation Institute, the University of North Texas College of Health & Public Service.