Statement on NASPAA Site Visit Manual Updates

December 07, 2022
NASPAA Site Visit Manual Updated

At its October 2022 meeting, the Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation (COPRA) voted to update the NASPAA Site Visit Manual. The purpose of the updates is to provide further clarification for both programs and volunteers on aspects of the NASPAA Site Visit. The changes to the Manual are effective beginning with the Spring 2023 site visit cycle, corresponding with the 2022-2023 accreditation review cohort.

To view the updated version of the NASPAA Site Visit Manual please visit our website here.  

Per the COPRA Policy and Procedures: 

5.2 The Commission is responsible for maintaining and revising as necessary the governing documents for accreditation, specifically the Self Study Instructions, the Site Visit Manual, and the Policies and Procedures for Peer Review and Accreditation. 

5.5 Any changes made to Self - Study Instructions, the Site Visit Manual, and Peer Review and Accreditation Policies and Procedures will be announced publicly.