RFP: Host the 2022 NASPAA Career Conference

February 09, 2022

Host the 2022 NASPAA Career Conference at your school!

-> Proposals are due on Tuesday, March 8


NASPAA is seeking a member school to host the 2022 Career Professionals Conference which we are expecting to be in-person. The host school has tremendous opportunity to shape the agenda and move the conversation forward on issues that career professionals are facing. The host school will also receive publicity and exposure to the greater NASPAA community as the school will be identified in all promotional materials. Typically, about 45-55 career professionals from NASPAA member schools attend the conference each year.

Traditionally, this conference has been held on a campus in early December. If you would like to propose a different location and/or time of year, please explain your rationale in your application and why it would be beneficial. Members of the career conference planning committee will review all completed applications and select a 2022 conference location. Applicants will be notified of their status by March 25, 2022, and the selected school will be asked to sign a MOU with NASPAA.

Proposals can be submitted as an email or as a formal document. In your application, please address the following criteria:

  1. Location and Unique Appeal: Where is your campus located and what makes it unique? How easy is it for attendees from across the US to travel to your city?  What options are there locally for dining and entertainment? What are the local lodging options and room rates? Please specify how close the lodging accommodations are to the conference site and if they are walkable. 
  2. School/Facilities: Why should we select your school to host the conference? What conference facilities do you have available for the meeting room (either on or off campus)? Are you willing to donate staff time and campus resources in-kind? What connections do you have with local professionals and/or alumni who can serve as speakers or panelists?
  3. Staffing: Who will serve as conference chair and what support staff is available? The conference chair is expected to spend 10 hours a month on planning activities with additional time required in the weeks leading up to the conference. The conference chair will convene the conference planning and be the primary manager of the overall conference agenda. A conference planning committee will be supplied by NASPAA.
  4. Meeting Dates: Traditionally this meeting has been held in early December from Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon, though other dates will be considered. Please identify your proposed dates in 2022.
  5. Safety and Hybrid Options: There is a possibility that we will still need to take COVID precautions and there is a likelihood that we will need to arrange for virtual accessibility as part of a hybrid conference. How will your school be able to accommodate safety, sanitation, and virtual accessibility (e.g. live-streaming presentations and/or projecting remote guest speakers).

Download the RFP

Please submit your brief application to Leigh Anne Elliott at elliott@naspaa.org and/or Alex Minkoff at minkoff@naspaa.org. You may also contact Leigh Anne and Alex with questions about the conference and application process.