New Accreditation Manager and Director of Evaluation at NASPAA

August 05, 2020
David Bernstein

We would like to welcome David J. Bernstein, as a full-time employee, to the NASPAA Family. David came on board as Accreditation Manager and Director of Evaluation. David helps manage the NASPAA accreditation process, which supports a global network of programs bound by a commitment to public service values, programmatic improvement, and educational quality. He is responsible for program evaluation and assessment, data management, operations and management, and other duties. As the Director of Evaluation, David helps ensure use of rigorous quantitative and qualitative data to measure program outcomes, improve processes, and provide support to COPRA and to NASPAA staff. David has experience in public and nonprofit program evaluation, performance measurement, strategic planning, survey research, training evaluation, local government, nonprofit program development and evaluation, social science research consulting, and services for people with disabilities and older adults. He has an MPA and Ph.D. from the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at The George Washington University.