NB Sim Pandemic Game Now Available FREE for Classroom Use

April 20, 2020
Pandemic Simulation Released

NASPAA & The Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming (CLSG) are excited to announce the release of the Pandemic simulation for classroom use!

The Pandemic Simulation was developed for the 2018 NASPAA- Batten Student Simulation Competition in which over 550 students in public affairs around the globe.

The simulation itself was an interactive, stochastic, real-time game where participants are challenged to make difficult public policy decisions. Participants take on roles as government ministers (Prime Minister, Minister of Communication, etc.) and must work together as a team, interacting with other governments in a fast-paced environment. Participants must develop strategies to preserve global health, choose policies to contain the pandemic, and handle the political and economic ramifications of their decisions.

Want to use Pandemic in your classroom?

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