NASPAA President, Palmira Rios, presented at the 2019 IASIA Conference

August 01, 2019
NASPAA President, Palmira Rios, presented at the 2019 IASIA Conference in Lisbon, Portugal
Photo: Palmira Rios (left), Raed BenShams (center) and George Scott (right)


On July 22-26, 2019, NASPAA once again participated in the Annual Conference of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA), celebrated in the campus of the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal. NASPAA was represented by President Palmira N. Ríos, who was one of the speakers of the Forum of Public Administration Associations and Networks along with Bianor Cavalcanti, President of IASIA, Raed BenShams, President of the International Institutes of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) and George Scott, Director General of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM). "It is clear that the global public administration community," commented NASPAA's President, "values our contributions to building public sector capacity through quality education." According to Dr. Ríos, there are many opportunities for collaborations with global networks and public administration programs based on our shared belief in quality education, such as signing MOUs to advance teaching and learning, collaborative research, development of special project like student simulations, case studies and electronic libraries, and participation in conferences; presenting a common front in defense of public service values and the need for quality public affairs education, and supporting the implementation of SDGs. Our colleagues also share our interest in the development of fields such as risk management, diversity, big data and SDG 16. We come out of this conference committed to continue building our global alliances and in finding new pathways to strengthening the public sector.