NASPAA and African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) sign Memorandum of Understanding

December 19, 2019

Recognizing the "...need for the development of competent practitioners and academics for the social and economic development of the African continent and effective public administration around the world," and "promoting the study, practice and status of the profession of public administrative practices," the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) and NASPAA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding pledging both organizations to closer consultation and cooperation. Signed by NASPAA then-president Palmira Rios at the October NASPAA Executive Council meeting, the MoU represents a major step forward for NASPAA in establishing good working relationships in Africa to help advance public service education globally.  

As part of the MoU, NASPAA and AAPAM are planning a one-day meeting in July 2020 in Limpopo, South Africa to encourage the development of Africa-based teaching cases and simulations. If you have an Africa-oriented case to suggest for development into a teaching case, or if you would like to be involved in this project in some way, please contact NASPAA at to indicate your interest.