Job Announcement: Executive Director at NASPAA

April 07, 2021

Job Announcement

Executive Director at NASPAA


NASPAA celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2019, having evolved into a truly global network, supporting programs that advance public service values and education across issues, sector, and geographic boundaries. NASPAA's long-tenured and highly regarded executive director, Laurel McFarland, will be stepping down.  NASPAA now has an unprecedented opportunity to build a more responsive, equitable, and just society - training the next generation of leaders to be able to respond to current and future social and political realities, as well as to have national impact and be levers of change in their countries, states, and local communities.
The standards for NASPAA’s accredited programs have been updated to reflect the importance of transparent, accountable, participatory, and equitable approaches in a globalized world, the critical role that diversity, equity and inclusion must play in public service education, and the need to bring nonprofit management to the core of the field.  
With the long-tenured and highly regarded executive director, Laurel McFarland, stepping down, this is an outstanding opportunity for a leader who is passionate about, and committed to, public service. In this role, they will guide NASPAA through its next phase of development and growth, identifying new priorities, programs and initiatives. The next Executive Director will build on a very strong reputational and financial foundation, as well as a healthy governance structure to help NASPAA meet the challenges of social, political, and economic change.   

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