2023 Wildfire Simulation Competition


Wildfire Simulation - February 25th, March 4th and March 11th, 2023


2023 Simulation Competition Flipbook

NASPAA's 2023 Student Simulation Competition was held on February 25th, March 4th and March 11th, 2023, and featured the Forio Wildfire Simulation designed by Professor Matt Koschmann of the University of Colorado Boulder and built by Forio. The 2023 simulation competition taught students practical communication and negotiation skills as they balance their roles against their team goals to collaborate on a joint wildfire mitigation plan for the fictional town of Westmount. In addition, as part of NASPAA's initiative to improve how we embody diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization and as an essential part of public service education; NASPAA worked with Forio to update the simulation to incorporate DEI facets of wildfire mitigation and public service decision-making as core elements of the learning experience.

Katie Lighthall

The event will follow a hybrid format. Most competitors participated in person, but many students were able to attend virtually. The competition included guest judges from various public service fields. This year we will also be featuring sponsorship opportunities to support student travel and our efforts to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion elements into the competition experience and into the simulation itself.

If you are interested in hosting the competition at your school, becoming a sponsor, becoming a judge, or just learning more about the competition, please contact Alex Minkoff at and Stacy Drudy at




Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

School of Economics, Administration, and Public Policy (SEAPP)




Villanova University MPA – NASPAA Simulation 2023 

Creating Ethical, Creative and Inclusive Leaders: The Villanova MPA 

Villanova University’s Master of Public Administration program strives to build collaborative networks of diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences to ignite change in our communities and across the world. Supporting NASPAA’s programs – such as the 2023 Wildfire Simulation – is important to Villanova as it allows us to advance and advocate for the importance of teaching practical skills in student development. Skills such as effective communication, ethical negotiation, and fostering connections across diverse communities are valuable in any profession in the field of public service.   

See the Villanova Department of Public Administration’s commitment to igniting change in action by visiting our website; learning more about our students and alumni in our Leaders’ Lounge blog; and listening to our VU iMPAct Podcast, in which we discuss trending topics in public administration with interesting, unique, and diverse voices in our MPA community. 


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February 25th

March 4th

March 11th - VIRTUAL ONLY

Simulation Education Committee

  • Dana Harsell (CHAIR), University of North Dakota
  • Luis Luna-Reyes (CHAIR), University at Albany
  • Yushim Kim, Arizona State University
  • Christina Barsky, University of Montana
  • Jodi Sandfort, University of Washington
  • Sk. Tawfique M. Haque, North South University
  • Peter Linquiti, The George Washington University
  • Emily ChristianFormer beta competition winner
  • Julieta Marotta, Maastricht University