Career Professionals Meeting

NASPAA’s annual Career Professionals Conference is designed to provide information about career paths for students in public administration and public policy programs, allow for networking among staff and faculty leading career development efforts at NASPAA schools, and learn about programs and best practices offered by NASPAA colleagues around the country.  


2019 NASPAA Career Professionals Meeting

2018 NASPAA Career Professionals Conference Recap


NASPAA thanks the Wagner School at New York University for hosting this year's NASPAA Career Professionals Conference, December 5-7th in NYC. Attendees discussed: Connecting Talent to Government; Careers in Corporate Social Responsibility; Best Practices (networking; mock interviews, leveraging data, etc.); Careers in Global Development; Careers in Health Care Policy and Strategy; Collective Intelligence; and Mindfulness.  You can download a copy of the agenda, as well as info on the speakers and fellowships.  

NASPAA Thanks the 2018 Planning Committee!  

Stephanie Boomhower, UC San Diego  

Denise Burchard, Northern Illinois University  

Rachel DuBois, NYU Wagner (CO-CHAIR)  

Pat Eaton, NYU Wagner  

Suzanne Grossman, Baruch College  

Tom Hernandez, NYU Wagner (CO-CHAIR)  

Hannah Rose Hintz, University of Virginia  

Allie Hutchinson, The Ohio State University   

Linda Kowalcky, Northeastern University  

Elaine McBeth, William & Mary  

Shannon Merchant, University of Washington  

Jill Rockwell, University of Virginia  

Emily Sharples, Princeton University  

Marny Smith, Baruch College  

Natalia Trujilio, The City College of New York  

Meagan Van Gelder, University of Nebraska