Call for NASPAA Executive Council and VP Nominations 2021-22

April 29, 2021

Call for NASPAA Executive Council and Vice President Nominations 2021-22

DEADLINE: Wednesday, June 3, 2021


In June 2021, the Nominating Committee of NASPAA (the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) chaired by Robert Orr, Immediate Past President, will be recommending a slate for

FIVE members of the Executive Council and Vice President/President Elect of the Council

The Nominating Committee welcomes recommendations for nominations from NASPAA member schools. Recommenders should note that Council positions require a significant commitment of time and effort on the part of the individual and support from his or her home institution. 

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, and continue to address social justice issues, it is a time of great possibility and purpose, for public service education globally. This cohort of the Council will play an exceptionally important role in a changed world of public service. To that end, this is a special appeal to recommend individuals with vision and fearlessness to move NASPAA forward. Individuals from all regions of the world are encouraged to consider nominating peers and colleagues who can serve NASPAA in this capacity.

NASPAA’s progress in other areas also depends on the nomination of individuals with the skills and commitment to serve the organization. With the coming transition to a new executive director, this cohort of the Council will have responsibility for thinking strategically about the next chapter in NASPAA’s development. During the tenure of these Council members, the Council will oversee NASPAA’s reopening of in-person events in the United States and around the world, advance the Council’s signature project of the Institute on Innovative Teaching and Learning for Public Service, guide the implementation of revised accreditation standards, advance the organization’s global commitment to sustainable development, foster the development of the Journal of Public Affairs Education, determine the next generation of annual student competitions, overhaul the Data Center to include new community-wide badges, develop projects to improve career opportunities for graduates, and devise means to serve our member programs in a challenging fiscal and policy environment. The Committee is looking in particular for nominees possessing enthusiasm and dedication to public service and the leadership of public affairs education. 

The Nominating Committee seeks candidates for the Council who are well prepared to govern NASPAA as it "sets a global standard for excellence in public service education, leads the public affairs education sector, and strengthens governance and public problem solving." The Nominating Committee also places priority on the nominations of individuals with experience and skills in teaching and learning, grant-seeking, international public affairs education, inclusion, sustainable development, budgeting and finance, marketing, data and IT, human resources, nonprofit management, and journal publishing.

The Vice President will serve on the Council and Executive Committee for three years: one year as Vice President, then one year as President, and a final year as Immediate Past President. Past service to NASPAA, including the Executive Council is desirable.

Executive Council members serve a three-year term, which begins at the NASPAA Annual Conference. The Council has traditionally met in person twice a year, in March/April in the Washington DC area, and in the Fall at the Annual Conference. The next conference is virtual, and the subsequent conferences are planned to be in person: Chicago, then Washington DC. At the Council's discretion, it may meet via zoom/conference call, or in person, beyond this Fall. Council members are expected to attend every meeting. The first meeting for incoming Council members will be October 2021, and will likely be virtual.

The Nominating Committee seeks to put together a representative and a truly diverse slate for the membership's vote at NASPAA's annual business meeting-- in terms of types of programs represented, geographic location (especially reflecting NASPAA's mission of advancing education for governance globally), race and gender, and diversity broadly defined. (Please note: NASPAA actively seeks nominations from all NASPAA member schools, whether accredited or not). Please note that all Council members serve as individuals, not as representatives of their university, and are expected to consider the best interests of NASPAA and its member institutions in carrying out their duties. 

Individuals wishing to make recommendations to the Nominating Committee should send an email to the Committee's chair, Dean Robert Orr, and copied to NASPAA Executive Director, Laurel McFarland, at by Wednesday, June 3, 2021. 

The email should contain the suggested nominee's name, institutional affiliation and title, contact information (email and phone number), and verification that he or she is aware of the recommended nomination. The email should also include a brief (2-5 sentences) explanation of why the recommender believes this person would make a good NASPAA Council member or president elect. A short bio or CV is helpful but not required. Self nominations are permitted.

Questions about the work and responsibilities of Council members may be directed to Laurel McFarland (, and the current Council membership is posted here.