Marketing Your Accreditation

Accreditation Logo Info

NASPAA’s Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation has established a logo for use by programs that have met accreditation standards. The logo publicly recognizes a program’s commitment to peer review and quality improvement, and NASPAA encourages accredited programs’ use of the logo on websites and marketing materials, subject to its guidelines for use.


Master’s degree programs in public affairs, policy and administration that have achieved NASPAA accreditation have a simple and easily recognized way of communicating that information. COPRA asks that programs follow these guidelines for use:

  1. The logo may be used by any accredited program subject to the general definitions of being in good accreditation standing outlined in the NASPAA Official Documents, “Peer Review and Accreditation Policy and Procedures,” sections 2.0 and 12.1. Applicants and newly accredited programs may begin using the logo as soon as they receive their formal notification of accreditation from COPRA.
  2. The entire logo should be used, including the words “NASPAA Accredited” and “The Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation”.
  3. The logo may be reduced or enlarged to suit the use, but the scale of the elements should be retained.
  4. The logo may be reproduced in black and white, or in color. If color is used, please use only the set of colors contained in the logo files provided by NASPAA (or a reasonable approximation).
  5. The logo may be used on official stationery, fax cover pages, marketing materials, and websites. But all marketing materials and accompanying text should make it clear that the accreditation is only for the specific masters degrees for which the program received the accreditation, not the entire school or university. If you are in doubt about the acceptability of a particular use, please contact NASPAA at for clarification.

The logo is available for downloading in a variety of formats:

For print media (CMYK), use PDF file type. PDFs may be opened in Adobe Illustrator for vector file. For online media (RGB), use PNG (transparent background) or JPG (white background) files.

  • AccreditationLogo-COLOR

    Accreditation Logo Full Color

    PDF / JPG / PNG

  • AccreditationLogo-BLACK

    Accreditation Logo Black

    PDF / JPG / PNG

  • AccreditationLogo-White

    Accreditation Logo White

    PDF / PNG