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Search for a program or school!

NASPAA offers the authoritative directory of MPA and MPP programs: the only one that includes data from schools themselves!  You can also download and print School Profiles - which no other website offers.

All NASPAA member schools are included in the search, but those that did not complete our Annual Program Survey will show only basic information, such as school name and location. Additionally, schools that did not respond have blank school profiles. If you wish to find a NASPAA-accredited school you must specify that as part of your search criteria. Go to School Search.

Additional resources for finding a school:

   Doctoral programs (xls)
 Undergraduate programs
   NASPAA-accredited master's degree programs* 
   Roster of NASPAA member schools (does not include NASPAA Associate Members)
 Master's degree programs - as provided by members
 Google map of NASPAA members
The map was created, and is maintained, by Prof. Stephen Kleinschmit of University of Illinois at Chicago. Please report any errors or omissions to him.

* NASPAA Accreditation is a voluntarily peer review process. Read more about NASPAA Accreditation.