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This database includes only NASPAA U.S. member schools that responded to requests for program information.

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*Accreditation is the quality assurance process used in higher education. All NASPAA members are located in universities accredited by a “regional” (institutional) accreditor, which has assessed the quality of the university as a whole.

Some fields have separate “professional” accreditation of individual degree programs. In public administration, public affairs, and public policy, this accreditation is entirely voluntary. NASPAA is the professional accreditor of master’s degrees in these fields (there is not professional accreditation for undergraduate or doctoral programs in these fields).

NASPAA accredits degree programs, not schools or universities. About 60% of NASPAA members have at least one NASPAA-accredited master's degree program. 

NASPAA Accreditation indicates that a master’s program has undergone a rigorous process of review by outside experts in the field ("peer review"), has met a set of standards, and has been judged to be a quality program.  It is important to note that unaccredited programs are not necessarily poor quality.

Roster of NASPAA-accredited master's degree programs 

Read more about NASPAA Accreditation, and what it means for students, here.

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