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Organizational Location of Institutional Members within Universities: 2002-2003

The following data are from institutional responses to NASPAA’s Fall 2003 Enrollment and Academic Year 2002-2003 Degrees Awarded Survey, administered by NASPAA in spring 2004. The data reflect only participating NASPAA institutional members. [See also the non-participating NASPAA institutional members]. Of the 250 NASPAA institutional members as of spring 2004, 199 responded to the survey as of July 1, 2004, giving the survey a response rate of 80%.

Organizational Location of NASPAA Institutional Members
 (n=199) (Response rate=80%)

Organizational Location

No. of Respondents

% of Total Respondents

Separate Professional School or College

32 16%

Separate Institute or Center

7 4%
Department or Program within a Business School/College 23 12%
Department or Program within a School/College other than Business 56 28%
Program Located within a Political Science Department 58 29%
Program Located within a Department other than Political Science 9 5%
Other Organizational Location 11 6%
Left Blank 3 2%
TOTAL 199 100%*

* Percentages do not sum to 100% due to rounding.