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Organizational Location of Institutional Members within Universities: 2001-2002

The following data are based on the 2001-2002 NASPAA Survey administered in spring 2003. Therefore, the data reflect only participating institutional members. Of the 249 institutional members as of spring 2003, 195 responded to the survey, as of August 25, 2003, giving the survey a response rate of 78%.

Organizational Location of NASPAA Institutional Members: 2001-2002 (n=195) (Response rate=78%)

Organizational Location

No. of Respondents

% of Total Respondents

Separate Professional School or College

32 17%

Separate Institute or Center

5 2%
Department or Program within a School of Arts and Sciences 90 46%
Department or Program within a Professional School 39 20%
Other Organizational Arrangement 22 11%
Left Blank 7 4%
TOTAL 195 100%