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Read interesting and provocative new research in the latest issue of JPAE, the Journal of Public Affairs Education.  To read an individual article (in PDF), click on its title, or access the entire issue (in PDF).

Fall 2014
VOLUME 20, No. 4

From the Editor—Out of Africa
Editor in Chief David Schultz introduces the issue and muses on the implications of a multipolar world in terms of how it affects the practice of public administration and the teaching of public affairs.


Building Public Service Capacity for Development Management: Reflections on Professional Public Administration Education and Training in African Nations
Peter Fuseini Haruna and Shikha Vyas-Doorgapersad
Guest editors introduce the special symposium on public administration in Africa, summarizing the articles and reviewing the main trends impacting public affairs education in the sub-Saharan region.

Public Administration Education and Training in Nigeria: Problems, Challenges, and Prospects
Andrew I. E. Ewoh

Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest and most rapidly growing countries. What the challenges facing this country as it modernizes and transforms?

Challenges and Prospects of Public Administration Education and Training in Africa: The Case of Ghana
Frank L. Kwaku Ohemeng
How well are Ghana’s universities training its future public sector workforce? The author explores this topic and highlights the challenges public affairs education confronts.

Preparing African Public Administrators for Development Management: Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for Performance Improvement
Al Bavon
Maintaining quality services and training go hand-in-hand. The author investigates how Ghana’s public administration programs have improved through stakeholder engagement.

Public Administration Training and Development in Africa: The Case of the Republic of South Africa
Mogie Subban and Shikha Vyas-Doorgapersad
South Africa has always been a unique country in Africa, facing special challenges few others have. This article offers a terrific summary of the changing landscape and hurdles public affairs education has addressed.

Teaching Public Administration: The Case of Morocco
Aziza Zemrani
Since independence in 1956 Morocco has struggled to democratize. The author examines how public administration programs have been part of this struggle, up to and including during the Arab Spring movement.


Incorporating GIS as an Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Tool Throughout an MPA Program

Joseph Ferrandino
Graphical information systems (GPS) are a tool of necessity in the public sector but few public affairs programs teach this skill. Learn what GPS is and how it can and should be incorporated into your curriculum.

Knowing, Doing, and Becoming: Professional Identity Construction Among Public Affairs Doctoral Students
Amy E. Smith and Deneen M. Hatmaker
The process of becoming a Ph.D. and scholar is more than about classroom learning and dissertations. It is about socializing and learning and identify. This article discusses the often neglected process of mentoring students to become professionals.

Is Technology a One-Size-Fits-All Solution to Improving Student Performance? A Comparison of Online, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face Courses
Durant Frantzen
Many think the more technology the better when it comes to learning, especially on-line. But is that so? Learn about how different technology platforms and uses affect student outcomes.

Context-Based Instruction: What Traditional Social Science Disciplines Offer to Nonprofit Management Education
Online Indices
Matthew Baggetta and Jennifer N. Brass
Often times non-profit education is simply operations-driven, ignoring how context can affect decision-making and management. The authors draw upon the social sciences literature to demonstrate ways to strengthen non-profit education.

Globalization and Economic Nationalism in Asia
Reviewed by Farid Ahmad Farzam Rahimi
Anthony P. D’Costa’s new book on Asia is reviewed, revealing how the new economies of this continent are driving changes in the global economy and public management.

The Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE) is seeking high quality papers examining the role of teaching, instruction, or research related to the public affairs and public policy. JPAE is also interested in individuals willing to organize and serve as guest editors for symposia that they organize.


About This Journal

The Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE) is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning in public affairs, which includes the fields of public policy analysis, public administration, and public management. Hosted by the Hamline University School of Business and published by NASPAA, the quarterly journal features peer-reviewed scholarly articles on pedagogical, curricular, and accreditation issues pertaining to public affairs education, commentaries, and symposia and book reviews. 

David Schultz, Editor in Chief
Kristen Norman-Major
, Managing Editor
Hamline University
Iris Geva-May, Associate Editor, 
International and Comparative
Michael O'Hare, Associate Editor, 
Assessment and Practice
Lisa Dejoras, Editorial Assistance
Chris Thillen, Copyediting
Val Escher, Layout

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Publisher: NASPAA

NASPAA, the global standard in public service education, is a membership organization of 280 graduate programs in public policy, public affairs and public administration located across the U.S. and around the globe. NASPAA’s mission is to ensure excellence in public service education and promote the ideal of public service, and it is the specialized accreditor of master degree programs in public affairs. NASPAA publishes JPAE in order to bring the best scholarship on teaching and quality directly into the hands of our membership and profession.

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