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Read interesting and provocative new research in the latest issue of the Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE). To read an individual article (in PDF), click on its title, or access the entire issue (in PDF).

VOLUME 21, No. 2

From the Co-Editors—Envisioning JPAE
Marieka Klawitter
Marieka, the new co-editor, describes her vision for JPAE and invites readers to submit ideas for what they would like to see in the journal.

The End of Government?
David Schultz
The co-editor introduces this issue and challenges public affairs programs to answer the question “Why government?”

Pedagogical Perspectives on Teaching Community Development
Ashley E. Nickels
The guest editor introduces the Symposium: Pedagogical Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender in Community Development by exploring the ways we teach the subject.

Team-Based Learning: A Model for Democratic and Culturally Competent 21st Century Public Administrators
Karina Moreno Saldivar
Read and learn how team learning can foster democratic values and practices.

Teaching the Importance of Community Betterment to Public Managers: Community Development in NASPAA Member Programs
William Hatcher
Explore how NASPAA schools teach the management skills needed for improving communities and community development.

Are We Getting Them Out of the Country? The State of Study Abroad Opportunities Within NASPAA Member Programs
Nadia Rubaii, Susan Appe & Kerry Stamp
The case for encouraging more of our American students to study abroad and an assessment of how well NASPAA programs are integrating the experience into their curricula.

Publish or Perish? Examining Academic Tenure Standards in Public Affairs and Administration Programs
Jerrell D. Coggburn & Stephen R. Neely
Find out what our peers require for tenure in terms of publishing.

Diversity in Master of Public Administration Programs at Minority-Serving Institutions
Sarmistha R. Majumdar & Michael O. Adams
Discover what diversity means and how it is implemented at institutions that many think of as diverse.

Recruitment Practices in the Malaysian Public Sector: Innovations or Political Responses?
Kuan Heong Woo
Examine the factors affecting recruitment and employment for the government of Malaysia.

Using Learning Analytics To Predict At-Risk Students in Online Graduate Public Affairs and Administration Education
Jay Bainbridge, James Melitski, Anne Zahradnik, Eitel J. M. Lauria, Sandeep Jayaprakash & Josh Baron
Read about the predictors of academic failure in online programs and how to use them to improve retention.

Assessing the Value to Client Organizations of Student Practicum Projects
Mary Sprague & Olivia Hu
Learn how to improve the quality of your experiential learning projects by making them more valuable to the clients and organizations with whom your students work.

Public Administrators’ Understanding of External Financial Reporting: It Begins With Curriculum
Tammy R. Waymire, Shannon N. Sohl & Brandy Howard
Understand why the teaching of financial literacy should be an important skill in public administration programs.

Book Review
Review of Interactive Evaluation Practice: Mastering the Interpersonal Dynamics of Program Evaluation
Reviewed by Billie Sandberg
Read a book review making the case for the importance of interpersonal skills when doing policy and program evaluation.



About This Journal

The Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE) is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning in public affairs, which includes the fields of public policy analysis, public administration, and public management. Hosted by the Evans School of Public Affairs of the University of Washington and published by NASPAA, the quarterly journal features peer-reviewed scholarly articles on pedagogical, curricular, and accreditation issues pertaining to public affairs education, commentaries and symposia and book reviews. 

David Schultz, Co-Editor, Hamline University
Marieka Klawitter,
Co-Editor, University of Washington

Ashley Sonoff,
Editorial Assisant
Connie Chaplan and Kyra Freestar,
Tandem Editing LLC
Val Escher,
Freestyle Communications

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Publisher: NASPAA

NASPAA, the global standard in public service education, is a membership organization of 280 graduate programs in public policy, public affairs and public administration located across the U.S. and around the globe. NASPAA’s mission is to ensure excellence in public service education and promote the ideal of public service, and it is the specialized accreditor of master degree programs in public affairs. NASPAA publishes JPAE in order to bring the best scholarship on teaching and quality directly into the hands of our membership and profession.

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