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Read interesting and provocative new research in the latest issue of the Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE). To read an individual article (in PDF), click on its title, or access the entire issue (in PDF).

FALL 2016
VOLUME 22, No. 4

Bringing the World into the Classroom
Marieka Klawitter

The World as Seen from the Desk of the Editor
David Schultz


Toward a Shared Services Model for the Delivery of Public Affairs Education
John L. Daly, Roger E. Hartley, & Bruce J. Neubauer

Bringing the 21st-Century Governance Paradigm to Public Affairs Education: Reimagining How We Teach What We Teach
Nadia Rubaii

Developing and Sustaining Effective Faculty Mentoring Programs
Joselynn Fountain & Kathryn E. Newcomer

Student Learning Outcome Assessment in NASPAA Programs: A Review of Validity and Reliability
David C. Powell & Michelle Saint-Germain

Is the Teaching of Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
Dead or Alive in US Public Administration?

John Kincaid & Richard L. Cole

Using Mini-Cases of Real-World Quick Analyses in Analytical Techniques Courses
Harold Abrams

Review of Challenges in City Management: A Case Study Approach
Reviewed by Christopher James Green

Democracy and the Teaching of Public Administration Fall 2017 Joint Issue

The Quality of Public Service Education in Mexico
Deadline to submit proposal: February 20, 2017



About This Journal

The Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE) is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning in public affairs, which includes the fields of public policy analysis, public administration, and public management. Hosted by the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance of the University of Washington and published by NASPAA, the quarterly journal features peer-reviewed scholarly articles on pedagogical, curricular, and accreditation issues pertaining to public affairs education, commentaries and symposia and book reviews. 


David Schultz, Co-Editor, Hamline University
Marieka Klawitter,
Co-Editor, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington


Alexis Howell, Editorial Assistant
Julie Van Pelt,
Copy Editor
Val Escher,
Freestyle Communications

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Publisher: NASPAA

NASPAA, the global standard in public service education, is a membership organization of over 300 graduate programs in public policy, public affairs and public administration located across the U.S. and around the globe. NASPAA’s mission is to ensure excellence in public service education and promote the ideal of public service, and it is the specialized accreditor of master degree programs in public affairs. NASPAA publishes JPAE in order to bring the best scholarship on teaching and quality directly into the hands of our membership and profession.




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