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NASPAA Alumni Survey


2016 Sector by Sector aggregate results available here (see full past survey results at the bottom of the page).

NASPAA's Alumni Survey allows us to gather valuable information about graduates of schools that provide public affairs education.

The data we collect in this survey provides important information to our schools regarding alumni's thoughts on the education they've received and how getting their MPA/MPP has impacted their job prospects. In addition, the data we collect will allow us to provide more detailed information to prospective students in the field regarding the types of jobs and earning power they can expect upon receiving an MPA/MPP.

Download an Email Template to send your Alumni!

NASPAA has created an email template that programs may choose to send to alumni requesting their participation in the survey. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is being surveyed?:  NASPAA is surveying alumni three years out from graduation, so this year will be the 2014-2015 cohort (Summer, Fall, Spring).

Why alumni three years out?:  By surveying alumni three years out from graduation, NASPAA will be able to compare not only across our schools and programs, but also the data collected on MBA alumni by the Financial Times.  Surveying alumni three years out also allows us to best see the impact of the degree.

How do we get started?: Get started by logging into the  NASPAA Public Affairs Education Data Center.  In the Basic Info tab, next to the edit button, you will see a new button “Alumni Survey Link”. Clicking this button will provide you a unique link to send to your alumni.  NASPAA is aware that the link is long.  Please feel free to use a URL shortener to send out your unique link, such as bitly, tinyurl,, or

Schools participating in the survey only have two responsibilities.  The first is to email your unique survey link to alumni from the 2014-2015 cohort and encourage them to participate. NASPAA has created convenient outreach materials located above, or you can create your own materials.  Distributing the survey is easy, fast, secure and confidential.   The second is to notify NASPAA how many students are in that cohort so we can tabulate the participation rates. 

Will I have access to my data when the survey is complete?:  Yes.  After completion of the survey, NASPAA will scrub the raw data of any individual identifiers.  The data will then be provided back to the program in excel form.  If a school has so few responses as to make the data potentially individually identifiable, NASPAA will only provide aggregate data.

Will my alumni survey data be made publicly available?: NASPAA will add alumni survey aggregate data to the school profiles that are currently accessible through NASPAA’s School Search.  Schools will also have the opportunity to opt out of their data being made public.  However, schools that opt out must opt out completely, and cannot pick and choose which data are made publicly available.

Do we need to meet a minimum response rate to be included?:  The Data Committee is finalizing the participation rate thresholds that must be met before data is made public.  Small programs data will be masked where necessary to protect individual privacy.

What if I am having trouble accessing the NASPAA Public Affairs Education Data Center or don’t remember my password?:  If you have any difficulty accessing the system to get your schools unique link, contact NASPAA’s Data Center Director, Stacy Drudy, at

I’m concerned about the collection of salary data. How is NASPAA protecting the privacy of our alumni?:  NASPAA is committed to being FERPA, Antitrust, and Department of Education compliant with regards to data privacy and the release of data.  NASPAA has adopted the following policy regarding salary data: “NASPAA will never use the alumni survey data in an individually identifiable way. All salary data collected will be aggregated to help show incoming students the types of salaries they can expect upon graduation.”

When is the final day alumni can complete the survey?:  All surveys must be submitted by August 15th.  NASPAA will follow up with schools that have low response rates so they can send reminders to alumni.


Past Survey Results

2017 Alumni Survey Preliminary Results (Washington DC Conference Presentation)

2016 Alumni Survey Results (Columbus Conference Presentation)

2015 Alumni Survey Results (Brooklyn Conference Presentation)

Results of NASPAA's 2014 Alumni Survey Pilot


For Data related questions please contact

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